A preschool school for children aged 2 to 4

We challenge children to learn while playing in a child-friendly and safe environment in which children feel at home.

Personal attention

The preschool teachers have the opportunity to get to know the children well.

Customized education

Our program takes the individual needs of every child into consideration.


Modern program in accordance with the latest developments in the Netherlands.

With passion

The team is enthusiastic and professional in getting the best out of every student

Whatwe stand for


Dutch language

The Dutch language may be a challenge for our preschoolers. Aruban society is characterized by its multilingualism, while Dutch is usually used passively. For many of our preschoolers, Dutch is not their mother tongue. Dutch is the language of instruction at our school. We already begin with language acquisition programs and vocabulary programs as of Preschool “Prikichi”. This is how we manage to considerably improve our educational achievements.

Social skills

Our schools structurally work on the social and emotional skills of our students with the method “Leefstijl”. We already start with it at “Prikichi” and want to promote that children develop to socially skilled, committed and independent adults.


The school has an extensive library from which children can borrow good quality books every day. Nice picture books for preschoolers are also available. You as a parent can borrow them for your child.

Physical education

“De Schakel” has a large, air-conditioned gym with many materials. The preschoolers also use it. The preschool teachers teach physical education. Once a week, our preschoolers go to the gym to exercise.